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Wihle we awaiting News about Netflix series, The Witcher – which has Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, and is in production in Hungary – those who are not yet familiarized with the plot has sometime to know a little of famous wizard.

Although it has also become in a famous game franchise, the series is based on literary work The Witcher, by Andrzej Sapkowski, who has eight titles published and is considered a landmark in Polish literature.

“I’m Geralt. Geralt of— No. Only Geralt. Geralt of nowhere. I’m a witcher. My home is Kaer Morhen, Witcher’s Settlement. It’s . . . It was a fortress. Not much remains of it.Kaer Morhen . . . That’s where the likes of me were produced. It’s not done anymore, no one lives in Kaer Morhen now. No one but Vesemir. Who’s Vesemir? My father. Why are you so surprised? What’s so strange about it? Everyone’s got a father, and mine is Vesemir. And so what if he’s not my real father? I didn’t know him, or my mother. I don’t even know if they’re still alive, and I don’t much care.”


In the tale “The Voice of Reason 4”, from the book The Last Wish, Geralt makes a mix of outburst and presentation to Lola, a priestess of Melitele’s temple. In telling his story to Lola, Geralt talks about his hard training to become in one of the most known representatives of wolf School.

“Yes, Kaer Morhen. I underwent the usual mutation there, through the Trial of Grasses, and then hormones, herbs, viral infections. And then through them all again. And again, to the bitter end.Apparently, I took the changes unusually well; I was only ill briefly. I was considered to be an exceptionally resilient brat . . . and was chosen for more complicated experiments as a result. They were worse. Much worse. But, as you see, I survived.

The only one to live out of all those chosen for further trials. My hair’s been white ever since. Total loss of pigmentation. A side-effect, as they say. A trifle.”

Geralt share too with the lady his motivations and dreams, right at the beginning of his journey as Monster Hunter.

“Then they taught me various things until the day when I left Kaer Morhen and took to the road. I’d earned my medallion, the Sign of the Wolf’s School. I had two swords: silver and iron, and my conviction, enthusiasm, incentive and . . . faith.Faith that I was needed in a world full of monsters and beasts, to protect the innocent.

As I left Kaer Morhen I dreamed of meeting my first monster. I couldn’t wait to stand eye to eye with him. And the moment arrived.

My first monster, Iola, was bald and had exceptionally rotten teeth. I came across him on the highway where, with some fellow monsters, deserters, he’d stopped a peasant’s cart and pulled out a little girl, maybe thirteen years old. His companions held her father while the bald man tore off her dress, yelling it was time for her to meet a real man.

I rode up and said the time had come for him, too – I thought I was very witty. […]You see, they’d told me again and again in Kaer Morhen not to get involved in such incidents, not to play at being knight errant or uphold the law.

Not to show off, but to work for money. And I joined this fight like an idiot, not fifty miles from the mountains. And do you know why? I wanted the girl, sobbing with gratitude, to kiss her saviour on the hands, and her father to thank me on his knees.

In reality her father fled with his attackers, and the girl, drenched in the bald man’s blood, threw up, became hysterical and fainted in ear when I approached her.Since then, I’ve only very rarely interfered in such matters”.

In this story, the wizard speaks how he is often treated with disgusted by people and how he has hardened his heart. Geralt shows nuances of his personality and a bit of the conflict he faces.

“I’d ride up to village enclosures or town pickets and wait. If they spat, cursed and threw stones I rode away. If someone came out to give me a commission, I’d carry it out.

I visited towns and fortresses. I looked for proclamations nailed to posts at the crossroads. I looked for the words “Witcher urgently needed” […]Some creature which lived to kill, out of hunger, for pleasure, or invoked by some sick will. A manticore, wyvern, fogler, aeschna, ilyocoris, chimera,leshy, vampire, ghoul, graveir, were-wolf, giant scorpion, striga, black annis, kikimora, vypper . . . so many I’ve killed. There’d be a dance in the dark and a slash of the sword, and fear and distaste in the eyes of my employer afterwards”.

Geralt shows also a little of his character, his reflections about what is right and wrong and tells about decision making.

“Mistakes? Of course I’ve made them. But I keep to my principles.No, not the code. Although I have at times hidden behind a code.People like that. Those who follow a code are often respected and held in high esteem. But no one’s ever compiled a witcher’s code. I invented mine. Just like that. And keep to it. Always…

Not always. There have been situations where it seemed there wasn’t any room for doubt. When I should say to myself “What do I care? It’s nothing to do with me, I’m a witcher”. When I should listen to the voice of reason. To listen to my instinct, even if it’s fear, if not to what my experience dictates.

I should have listened to the voice of reason that time . . . I didn’t. I thought I was choosing the lesser evil. I chose the lesser evil. Lesser evil! I’m Geralt! Witcher . . . I’m the Butcher of Blavike”.

One of the wizard’s most famous stories shows his fight in Blaviken, where his final action was interpreted as wildness and led to Geralt’s reflection on this conversation with Lola. But the battle at Blaviken is subject for another matter…

So, did you get to know a bit more of Geralt of Rivia after that slight introduction by himself?

What are the most striking features of the wizard for you?

We are already looking forward to seeing Henry Cavill showing us this complex character.

You may find the first book of saga The Witcher: “The Last Wish”, by Andrzej Sapkowski, in the best bookstores.

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TEXT: Fabiana Franzosi
TEXT REVISION: Nalva de Moraes
TRANSLATION: Cleiton Carvalhal


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