The Witcher | In The Canary Islands

News on the Kingdom of Rivia. According Luis Gorrin the new Netflix series, The Witcher starred Henry Cavill as Geralt of Riva made some shoots in Spain.

He confirmed to the Portal during March the production of series will go to the Canary Islands more precisely to the Tenerife Islands, LA Gomera, and Gran Canary. Local actors who have applied to participate in the shoot received e-mails from production scheduling the footage to these islands.

Apparently one of the actors, the actor will play a small role in the production called “Tall Man”. Looking forward to The Witcher?

Stay tuned to PHCBR to keep informed always about the newest Henry Cavill work. The series is scheduled for release in 2019.

Revisão: Nalva de Moraes
Edição de Imagens: Erica Moura
Texto: Erica Moura

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