The Witcher Scenes leaked in a Forum of Fans


Reddit users have found two scenes that were written for the casting tests but will not be used in the Netflix series, according to show producer Lauren Hissrich.

The production that have Henry Cavill – as the wizard Geralt of Rivia – will be inspired by the books of the saga The Witcher, by Andrzej Sapkowski.

The test scripts shows a witchcraft ball, which suggests the massacre of Thanedd’s Strike, (which initiates the war against Nilfgaard).

The Witcher serie will have 8 episodes scheduled to debut in 2019.

Read the full scenes:


Yennefer: Stop it, you’re moving like a child. Never wear a coat before?
Geralt: Not one so tight like that.
Yennefer: If the coat is the problem, skin color looks good on you.
Geralt: The Council would love that.
Yennefer: Consider that your scars would be a topic of conversation. This one came from a ruthless young basilisk. And this one for the prey of a vampire. And this other one was to fill free space in the region of my chest. I thought you should balance things, you know?
Geralt: This is yours. You bit me.
Yennefer: I know. Damn, this is tight.
Geralt: It doesn’t matter, I’m not feeling well at all.
Yennefer: You do not even get sick
Geralt: Wizards catch colds, just like you.
Yennefer: You really don’t want to go, right?
Geralt: I wasn’t made for dances.
Yennefer: And how about me? To Walk through a room full of wizards who can hardly wait to see it fail. Ready to take advantage of a moment of weakness. All my friends want to fuck you.
Geralt: Well, you should have started with that.
Yennefer: We’ll be lucky if Sabrina is wearing at least part of a blouse. My guess is that she will use a potion designed to just blot her nipples. You can be sure Triss will look at you all night – and I’ll leave because that girl deserves some happiness. I like to think that even Vilgefortz will look at your ass, all while displaying your elf escort to try to impress. Let’s face it, it’s a lot of last century.
Geralt: And you, are you going to exhibit your Wizard?
Yennefer: I don’t show you to impress. I show you because you’re ridiculously attractive. I trust you would say the same about me.
Geralt: Is this what we are for each other?
Yennefer: Of course not. Look at us, we are a respect couple.
Geralt: Right. I kill monsters and you do them.
Yennefer: You know that I have not been involved in mutations for years. How long will you throw this in my face?
Geralt: Just when I didn’t want to go to your prom.
Yennefer: But I’m one of the good girls.
Geralt: Of course. In a sea of idiots who try to bend nature according to their own will.
Yennefer: You do not need to talk to these people.
Geralt: Can I get drunk and punch them?
Yennefer: Would that make you shut up your mouth and wear your tiny coat?
Geralt: Yes.
Yennefer: So, you can drink and punch my colleagues. Just do it outside and make sure it’s someone I do not care about. It should not be difficult since I hate everyone except you.


King: Just this once?
Yennefer: It’s against the rules, Your Highness.
King: It will be our secret then, the Brotherhood will never know.
Yennefer: It’s against my rules.
King: You sure can make an exception for me. Please?
Yennefer: No thanks.
[Yennefer uses a spell]

Do you feel weightless, or do you feel all your repulsive pounds of fat pulling you to death? Not that your feelings really matter, since I’m the one who’s getting you up, and it’s me that will bring you down once I finish telling you my feelings.
The way you eat your Breakfast is disgusting. The filthy face. And the people who hate you the most – those who inhabit your kingdom, it is true to say – even see this side of you. Each one hates you for your own reasons.

In the way you abandoned their needs to hold yours gates.
None of this bothers me, to tell you the truth. It really is about your filthy face … and the way the scraps of cake get stuck in it. It makes me want to vomit. And then there is their perversion, always invading the rooms of the servants who do not want to wipe their dick with their bodies. Pig. And above that you are stupid.
Keep in mind that I do not care about that either – again, it’s the filthy face. But again as I was walking, so that I could advise your small mind with war strategies, you ask to touch my breasts. The response was a gentle ‘no thank you’. But what you should get out of it is that I have you on the palms of my hand.
I’ll get back to work.

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