The Witcher | The Ancient Language of The Witcher


The Witcher Universe is very rich and full of references from Poland and region. Andrzej Sapkowski’s books inspire the Netflix series, which has Henry Cavill as the wizard Geralt of Rivia, and currently is in production in Hungary.

Sapkowski used a bit of folklore and a lot of creativity to create the elements of this universe, among them the “Ancient Language”, a language quoted in the stories.

To talk about the language, we need to understand a little bit about the people that inhabit the continent of the saga.


The Continent, at the beginning, was populated by Elves, gnomes and dwarves. After a period of war between them, the dwarves went to the mountains and the elves settled down in the plains and in the forests.

According to the Elves, the humans arrived at an event called “The Conjunction of the Spheres,” a cataclysm that occurred 1,500 years before the events of the books,arresting many creatures like vampires and werewolves in that dimension.

The humans’ arrival brought another series of wars between people. The humans were victorious and dominated many territories. Races that lost (non-human) war were considered second-class citizens and began to live in small ghettos within human settlements or in desert regions not yet claimed by humans. 

These people who had to surrender the presence of humans to preserve their traditions continued to use their language and customs.


Natively known as Hen llinge is primarily the language of the elven Aen Seidhe breed. It’s known as the Ancestral Language or Elvish Language and the usual language of humans is known as the Common Language.Most used by elves and wizards, but also with sung versions used by dryads, mermaids and nymphs.

Technically speaking, this language refers to all languages spoken before the the Conjunction of Spheres.

The vocabulary used in the language has strong influences of the Gaelic and Celtic language of Ireland, Scotland and Wales, as well as English, French, Latin and other languages.



In books, Geralt of Rivia knows the language. So, how about we start getting to use some words from The Witcher Universe?

abb – escape                                                       
a’baeth – kiss
aefder – later
aenye – fire
aine- light, illuminated
beanna – woman
bleidd – wolf
bloed – blood
caed – forest
caen – can (verb)
caer – castle
craag – rock, cliff
dearme – good night
dh’oine – human
evall – horse
fen – swamp
fuelk – race*
gláeddyv – sword
gwyn – white
haela – medicine
inh’eid – half elf
Ker’zaer – imperator
laeke – lake
luned – daughter, lady
minne – love
modron – mother
morc – book
morvud – enemy
muire – sea
neén – not
ogh’r- ogre
pest – pest, epidemic
raenn – run
rhena – queen
saov – spirit, ghost
spar’le – attack
taedh – bard, poet
tearth – fear
tir – earth, country
va faill – bye
vatt’ghern – wizard
vort – far
wedd – children
ymladda – fight, combat
zvaere – swear

Do you think that this words can help you in a ‘chat’ with a certain witcher?

We will practice until the series premiere that is scheduled for the end of 2019.

Enjoy this time to also read the books and follow all the adventures of the White Wolf.

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