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Henry Cavill is not ambassador Durrell Conservation Worldlife – Durrell by chance.


The history of this organization shows how its founder Gerald Durrell was a lover of animals and a very determined man to defend them.
Henry Cavill as ambassador Durrell – Source: site Durrell
Durrell was born in India in 1925, he was the son of a British engineer. He had his first contact with a zoo in India, in its infancy, and there was born his passion for animals.
The family moved to England after his father’s death and as an adult Durrell studied at the Zoological Society of London Whipsnade Park to gain experience with a wide variety of animals.
In 1939, with World War II could have difficulty getting a job as an assistant in a shop aquariums and pets.

Gerald Durrell in his first expedition to Africa
Source: Durrell
In 1947 he made his first expedition in Cameroon, to study the fauna.
As Durrell concern has always been to ensure that the animals were protected and not hunt them for sale to collectors or pure of exhibitions, he faced financial difficulties. He began to write accounts of his travels and books to sponsor future mailings.
Durrell did not agree with how zoos of the time worked, he believed should act as reserves and breeder of endangered species, and not as a “show value”. In 1957 his third expedition to Cameroon, was primarily to collect animals that form the basis of your own zoo. This expedition was filmed and has been very successful, displayed by the BBC Natural History, which generated significant funds for the Durrell conservation projects.
Durrell founded the Jersey Zoological Park (now Durrell Wildlife Park) in 1958, with its collection of animals. The same year he made his second expedition to South America to collect more endangered species and the zoo opened to the public on March 26, 1959.
                                                      Durrell Wildlife Park in Jersey
To Durrell “the main purpose of a zoo should be to act as a critically endangered species reserve that need captive breeding in order to survive.
They can serve the secondary purposes of educating people about wildlife and natural history, and of educating biologists about the animal’s habits.
Zoos should not be performed for entertainment purposes only, and not endangered species should be reinstated in their habitats natural.
An animal shall be present at the zoo as a last resort when all efforts to save him failed in the wild. Every animal deserves food of your choice, and a companion of your choice; and a pleasant and interesting environment. “
                                                       Durrell Wildlife Park in Jersey
                                    Durrell Wildlife Park in Jersey
Durrell Wildlife Park pioneered house only species Endangered Species for captive breeding. So initially it faced strong opposition and criticism from some members of the zoo community when he introduced the idea of ​​captive breeding, and was only cleared after successfully mating a wide variety of species.
Durrell died in 1995, but his wife Lee McGeorge Durrell, follows the front of their projects.
And this conservation and care environment with the species, Henry went to visit often in his childhood, in his native land.
With the visibility of his career, he is now ambassador of the organization in order to raise funds and allow this work to continue.

Henry Cavill at Durrell Wildlife Park
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