What we saw of Superman at CCXP SP


Portal Henry Cavill Br was in São Paulo on the first day of the 5th CCXP – Comic Con Experience – and shows you everything we’ve seen from our favorite superhero there.

Superman, played in cinemas by actor Henry Cavill, celebrates 80 years of the first appearance on Action Comics 1, and we could see his legacy spread by the convention.

Hqs, t-shirts, collectibles, action figures – and many other licensed products – or as a special panel theme, Superman always has his space guaranteed in CCXP. It was also made a special space to honor the hero, which we will show in this matter.

At the Panini Comics booth, the public found several special bookbinding and edits with the famous blank covers, the ideal space for an autograph or the artwork of some of the event’s guests.

By the end of the first day of the event, the 1000th edition of Action Comics had not yet arrived at the stands, but the publisher’s employees said it would arrive until the end of the event.

The official DC store in partnership with Warner Bros. brings many options of hero items.

The Warner Bros stand gave more highlights to the Aquaman and Shazam Releases..

Aquaman has a special panel, on December 7 at 6pm, with the screening of the film especially for CCXP, and Shazam will feature his protagonist Zachary Levi on the DC panel on Sunday, December 9th.

The PizziToys, MiniCo and Iron Studios booth is one of the convention’s biggest “temptations”. The collectibles are beautiful and it is difficult to want one.

Iron Studios brought in original works by artist Alex Ross and a baseball signed by Stan Lee, and the show was packed all day.

Superman’s special spot in the event – announced as the biggest tribute to the hero’s 80 years – has generated mixed reactions from fans.

The space contained only a video commemorating Superman’s 80 years, which brought references to HQs, TV series and films such as Superman 1978 and Man of Steel 2013 with Henry Cavill), and a statue of Superman.

Many fans left disappointed by the space not having been taken advantage of with a large store for sale of Superman products, or some kind of exhibition telling more of his history.

Still on the first day of the event there was a panel in the auditorium Ultra: “Superman: 80 years of an icon”.

The panel brought some of the biggest names that ever worked on Superman’s HQs to DC: David Michellinie, John Romita Jr, Tom Grummett, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, and was mediated by Samir Naliato from the HQ Universe website.

The artists talked a bit about how they got their first with Superman, the character’s multimedia impact (on TV, games, movie theaters, etc.), and their relevancy today.

Watch in our  Youtube Channel the complete and subtitled videos that we shot at the CCX-SP

Many things, don’t you think? And that was only the first day.

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