Who are the Kryptonians?

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You must have read, heard and mostly seen in movies and tv shows that Superman is the last son of Krypton, but do you know who the Kryptonians are? If you want to know a little bit more about the alien race to which our beloved Superman descends, here at Kent Planet you know.

Kryptonians are an alien race that look very similar to humans, they inhabited a planet called Krypton that orbited a large red sun called Rao. On his planet, no Kryptonian had superpowers, which gave Superman all his superpowers was his exposure to the yellow sun, in the case our sun, which is different from that of Krypton. In the movie Man of Steel 2013, Kal-El receives this information as soon as he discovers his origin, his father in Krypton, Joe-El explains that on Earth he became much more powerful than they could imagine.

The history of the planet of Superman has suffer some modifications throughout the years, but at the moment what is known is that Krypton was a planet of ancient civilization, of advanced technology that was extinguished in a strong nuclear explosion caused by the lack of ores in the nucleus that left it unstable causing the explosion and destroying the whole planet.

Kal-El, Kryptonian name of Superman, only survived because he was still sent baby by his father Jor-El, to Earth. Later on, Kal-El learns that in addition to him, his cousin Kara Zor El (Supergirl) also survived because he was sent to Earth as well with the mission to take care of the cousin, however they ended up being lost (but that is another story).

The Kryptonians have some weaknesses and the best known of them is the kryptonite, which is so popular that it has become an expression to represent someone’s weakness, as well as the expression ” Achilles heel ”. In addition to the kryptonite, the red sun removes Superman superpowers, the powers acquired with our yellow sun, are removed by the red.

Magic, another weakness of the Kryptonians, was because the practice of magic was rare in Krypton since the race, through the ages, has become an extremely advanced cultural, technological and scientific civilization.

Their society was, by exclusivity, based on science, and the cultivation of ritual or mystical ends was non-existent. Therefore, this justifies the vulnerability of the Kryptonians to magical elements.

Kal-El is the largest representative of the race, after all he was the first Kryptonian presented and for this reason remains the largest and most important representative of this people as important to the stories of the DC universe as in pop culture in general.

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